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Poutinex The Perpetual Protocol Exchange

About Poutinex LAB

We're Leading Web3 & Defi Innovation Lab.

PoutineX Laboratory’s mission is to advance the cause of freedom that decentralized finance represents, develop and operate better DeFi applications on top of a transparent network through integrity and excellence.
Hailing from Montreal, Canada, we are a team of developers who are convinced that DeFi is the future of financial technology, its full potential has yet to be deployed, and what the world saw so far is just the tip of an iceberg.

PoutineX Ecology

Core Projects

Three part of PoutineX LAB

Alpha Test Updating
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Meet our great work

We will build a fully decentralized crypto & digital asset trading platform. Comparing with CEX, PoutineX is based on the DEX architecture. PoutineX is based on the DEX arthitecture, we can avoid potential moral hazards related to those dishonest practices of a CEX. Besides that, PoutineX doesn't require complex registration procedure and KYC, and it takes only an Ethereum-compatible wallet to perform transactions, thus greatly reduces the cumbersome authentication processes.


Fast TPS


fully decentralized


Muti Cross-chain


low latency

Amazing Orderbook system

Poutinex Orderbook

Poutinex Orderbook is a non-custodial Layer 2 based exchange on the Poutinex Network. Poutinex Orderbook keeps the convenience of a centralized exchange but eliminates its bottlenecks by decentralizing the custody of assets.

Decentralized Asset Mgt.
Connected to WEB3 wallet, based on smart contracts, reliable management of clients’ assets.
Muti-chain support
We will support chains like EThernet、Polygon、BSC、Avalanche、Fantom,that allows you convenience to deposit or withdraw from one chain to another.
No KYC Trading
PoutineX don't need KYC to keep sage,we will verify user’s identity with a zero-knowledge proof, user privacy ensured.
Up to 125x leverage
Our OrderBook model can provide sufficient liquidity, suitable for institutional tradings. It help us to support up to 125x leverage.

The Next-Gen Perpetual DEX

Perpetual Contract innovations

Stepped forced position-closing

Position protection, forced postion-closing by steps, to avoid the position goes straight to Null.

Bi-directional Contracts

For each contract subject, could hold both long and short positions.

Pre-set stop-loss & take-profit

Pre-set limit orders, stop-loss orders, better risk controls.

One-click position closing

One click to close all positions, to ensure quickest exit .

One-click reversal

One click to reverse the position, seize the opportunity by reversing at inflection points of ups and downs.

One-click follow trading

One click to copy the strategies of great investors, combined with self-set stop-loss function .

We will meet soon! Alpha Test Version is updating.